Beauty, Vitality, Wellness

Beauty and Curves is a wellness center located in Paris, specialized in the non-invasive body contouring for women and men.

The center wishes to redefine its image through a new website and a new graphical charter to welcome the clients with new communication supports. I proposed to take care of the task and am still working on the project before the development starts.


Optimize the content's quality

As Beauty and Curves' product catalogue is important it seems necessary to rethink the navigation so to make it clearer I added new entries in a second level in the menu.

Currently, there’s no description of any service performed at the center. This addition should optimize both the ergonomics of the user experience, the quality of content and the referencing.

Visually appealing

Beauty and Curves main problem is that the website isn't appealing. The current one is dull, sad and the user experience is not complete.

I chose HQ visuals that really show the reality of women. Diverse, not flawless, with unperfected bodies. It’s a part of my direction with Beauty and Curves. Being unperfected is perfect.

These HQ choices and the new aesthetic will allow the interface to match B&C’s price range for customers and it’s also extremely important for the experience that users recognize themselves.

The member part

The member part allows customers to access their personal space and get a follow up of their cure with the experts I’m still working on that part and will update about my process soon.