From Paris to Los Angeles

I met Ben Hagarty, Beyoncé & Jay-Z's Videographer who created
Black With No Cream to expand our limits as creators.

To help push each other, share technics, receive honest feedback, on projects, network,
and space for people to collaborate with each other.

I joined Ben as Lead UX – UI Designer to give life and expand the BWNC concept through an online platform.

BWNC is an active online community, podcast, & educational platform created to push content creators become
the best version of themselves.


BWNC needs a refresh for its new beginning and so I built this new landing page which will be its new face. A clear, light page with bold information. Videos, text animation, the front page will be an invitation to travel. Cause that’s what it’s all about. Creator around the world and collaborations. We are still working on the content.

The Members part

The member part of BWNC is a real challenge that I’m thinking of and building for months now. It will include a feed mainly based on locations, a personal space that members will be able to manage, a search section to find creators around the world, community groups and more.

The feed

The feed will be one of the main sections on BWNC and will reunite all the shots from the BWNC members. We want it to be without popularity distinction so we started to eliminate all kind of features such as the « likes », rank, etc.

The search

The search section is, if not the most important, the essential part of the BWNC concept since the whole plarform is based on member’s location and skills. I’ll explain below bellow why.

The profile

Your profil will make you want to use and update this section. Made to be sexy and visual, it’s your face on BWNC.

Your Profile, your space

For us creators, visuals are so important, but I’ve never seen any platform that allows having a « wow effect » within a second with a full HQ full screen visual

to pop among all those people. A place where you finally can show your best profile and introduce yourself and your work.

The Landing page

A light, clear and bold landing page will welcome users as they arrive on BWNC, visually defining the what’s waiting for them. A light, clear and bold landing page will welcome users as they arrive on BWNC.

Look anywhere, easily and fast

I chose to divide the search results in 3 colums so users can search, filter, access the results and consult the profil at the same time without having to constantly go back and forth between their search and the profil. But nothing’s perfect and I’m still woking on this part and it’s probably gonna evolv with time.

Working on BWNC mobile app