High standing service and so, design

Cook Angels is a prepared food delivery service which goal is to have people making daily high-end french cuisine easily and fast.

As UX-UI Designer I intervened to help the company improve its graphical codes to have them match and reflect its service’s quality.

I did so by picking new fonts, colors, HQ content, pictograms, then totally rethink the user journey and the user interfaces from the landing page, passing by the ordering process to the their new app to build.

The task was big and deadline short.

On this mission I joined a UX Designer who previously worked with them.

Along the table

Cook Angels deliver food to you but don’t actually cook, so I decided to tell the story through the scroll in which you’re literally moving

above the table where food is being prepared from the box opening to the cuisine process with the cut

ingredients everywhere, the receipts and utensils to the plate that’s ready.

Past, present and future orders

The ordering tunnel process

The hardest part to design as much in UX as for the UI was the ordering tunnel since a lot of settings remained to be chosen by the user for their order.

Making the recap fit in mobile and small screens was a real challenge.


Here are the main screens of the app which main features are made to follow your deliveries,

set your orders and keep an eye on your account. The design should evolve since it’s a V1.

More features should be coming.