Financial education but make it fun

This is Envol ! We've been working on the app for months since I've been asked to join BNP Paribas, international bank leader, on this project.

I joined the team as the Lead UI Designer and was also in charge of the User Experience with the Lead UX Designer and Art Director on that project.

Of course it’s a team effort ! I tried soooo many things before we finally achieved to that result as the challenge was really important : Contribute and find a way to bring financial education between teenagers and their parents.

More and more features

Many unexpected changes happened throughout the whole project

Design and experience evolved many times since the V1 and I had to change so many things as BNP Paribas added always

more and more features to the app which also impacted our target and that’s what made the project even more interesting.

Young and vivid colors

A colorful and exciting experience to pump up the bank experience

I chose those tones because they are really hot, young and positive colors. Plus, we were a bank and it could differentiate us from the competitors as usually, they use classic and boring tones as blue, green, grey…


One of the main challenges was to determinate who I was designing for. Would they be 9, 12, 17 years old? Because in terms of design and interaction it changes a lot of things!

So I built 3 mood-boards with 3 completely different atmospheres. I ended up with one too childish, one neutral and one too mature. But the two first had one thing in common, the colors yellow. We were talking to teenagers so we needed something out of that serious and depressing atmosphere!

Simplify the user journey

Teenagers are like kids and as I knew financial things and bank accounts might seem a little bit scary and annoying so I proposed to simplify it

To ease it to the maximum from the beginning, creating a gauges system with liquid interactions moving even with the gyroscope.

But it also have to be serious so of course the two gauges represent the amounts of money they have on their current account and the one they save.

The App

Here are the main screens of the app. There are about 40 of them. This project took us 2 months and half to design including the user journey.

Months of development and user testing. Envol is currenlty tested in France.