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Isabel Marant clienteling app

I was contacted to work on the new Isabel Marant clienteling app to help guide the brand’s retailers worldwide in their daily work.

The clienteling app will allow retailers to create a better long term relationship with their clients based on their purchase history, preferences, and habits.

“Covid oblige”, it’s all online that I met the Isabel Marant team as a Lead Product Designer on this 3 months project. It will be available for more than 50 boutiques around the world.

User Flow

As I arrived on the project, a user flow had already been partially thought of, but it needed to be reprocessed and improved.

I retraced it, drew new wireframes throughout the user interviews and workshops with the client to make it clearer for the users.
These allowed me to understand users’ needs, identify the key information, and help me visualize how to classify it in the app.

The overview screen

The overview screen, or 360 client is the most important section of the app.
This part is to be filled a bit

Retailers need to have instant access to the overall elements about their client and cannot afford to be looking for too long for pieces of information among hundreds.

What they need is a clear overview of the essential scores and important data.

In consequence, I gathered a bit of each important section in an “Overview” screen within the 360 section so that instead of having an endless roll of information and ruining the user experience, users can spot in seconds what they need to find, such as the last purchase, average basket, last visit and favorite collection, etc…

All blocks, (or “widgets”) can be opened and lead to more associated content.

At the same time, I spread out all these pieces of information in different tabs to organize content and facilitate its reading and traceability.
You also can swipe between tabs at all times from any section to navigate within the 360 space.

In conclusion : In the overview, you have a bit of every essential information, in each tab associated to these pieces of info, you have the detailed data.

The transaction section

The transaction section was particularly interesting to create and I had to remake it several times as many different pieces of information were to be displayed at this first level.

I tried many shapes of blocks and reorganized countless times the info, having to consider the worldwide currencies and wording. Everything needed to fit no matter where it was!


Isabel Marant’s identity is very simple. It’s all about Helvetica, full black & white, and editorial pictures.

Despite that simplicity I tried to take advantage of the visuals to the maximum to bring colors within the app. To lighten the black & white contrasts, I used very discrete black gradients.

Since it’s a B2B type of project I suggested we could break the “all black & white rule” by adding a light blue to bring a bit of life in all this information that users would process multiple times a day as they deal with their clients.

To bring IM Identity, for main titles I chose to keep the Helvetica font and, for the rest of the app, since it’s an iOS app I was asked to follow Apple’s Guidelines, so I kept the San Francisco font.


I came up with the most complete and interactive prototype possible made with Adobe XD.

It allowed the Isabel Marant team and the development team to follow the project construction and design all along. They were able to pin me (comment) feedback and challenge my ideas throughout the whole process directly on the online prototype.