Join my voice to fight climate change


I’m very concerned and aware of what’s happening with our world with the climate crisis and wanted to bring my contribution to talk about it

so I made this « Nike Just Do Green » concept that I thought might be great if it was created in real life.

Worldwide corporations like those I work for have the power and budget to make a real difference in our fight to save the planet

so I’d like to encourage them to do so with this campaign concept.


This first version of  Just Do Green is at first sight about the rainforests which are endangered by climate change.

This is what this Nike concept website is all about. I redesigned by myself the swoosh on photoshop so it matches rocks and cliffs.

I added some green and plants to make it more realistic but there’s no 3D model effect in this.


Make the logo natural

I wanted the logo to match the nature in the background as a message to get the brand closer to my concept, but also I needed it to be part of it by being composed of natural elements without distorting the original logo.


This is a concept I’m still working on, those layouts are not definitive.